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Everyone wants something different from their Test Machines, which makes life interesting for us at AJT and ensures that we stay on top of how any market place alters. In recent years, we have seen pretty much every test machine variation, from equipment to test oil pipeline connectors to the durability of toilets!

In fairness, as much as these machines are new and shiny and sometimes challenging to build, we like the ‘vanilla’ test machines just as much. Let’s face it, most of what we all enjoy in life is doing what we are good at and we get good at it because we have done it many times before.

It becomes second-nature to us to us to build Horizontal Test Machines for Tension Tests and Verticals for Compression Testing. Whatever your needs for your testing AJT have most likely seen a similar requirement before.

Ensuring we can custom-build the ideal machine to fit all of your individual needs is crucial. You will have restrictions on the space available in your building, your specific size of test samples, the materials being examined and the perfect capacity range to cover all of the variations that require analysis.

Additionally, you may like the faster PC Controls for accurate repeat testing and data logging or you may still prefer simple manual control. The choice really is yours; it is your test machine after all. Bear in mind, some additions can be made easily to many testing rigs, whereas others can be really problematic.

So always talk through an ‘ideal’ scenario with us. Even if this is beyond your immediate budget, we can work with you to compromise and yet ensure that we do not create ‘redundancies’ in the design. That way you can get everything that you wanted, a little later perhaps than right now, but you get a new machine in the best timescale and can budget for the future upgrades.

Also, please remember, we can very often work with your existing Test Machines to upgrade aspects of Controls, Guarding and Data Logging and we are always happy to discuss these with you.

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