Testing Quality Since 1951

Vertical Tensile Test Machine

AJT have designed and manufactured vertical test machines to suit a wide range of applications. Be it quick high volume sample testing, proof or break testing of single samples of chain links, shackles, connectors or hooks and much more.

They can either use a fixed test length or use a counterbalanced moving load carriage for selectable test lengths. There is a choice of operating systems to choose from, we have either Manual, PLC touch screen and fully PC controlled all have the option of additional data capture for verification/certification of your product.

All machines are fully compliant with the current directives and safety regulations, supplied with interlocked safety guarding making them a safe environment for the operator.

All AJT test machines are fitted with our own in house manufactured load cell mounted at the pulling clevis, featuring a multi bridge strain guage, temperature compensation and close zero balance calibrated in accordance with ISO 7500-1:2004.

AJT have supplied machines of this type with capacities ranging from 50 Tonnes (110,000 Lbs) up to 150 Tonnes (330,000 Lbs) force.

  • Can cope with thousands of tests per day
  • Pneumatically closed guards for instant operation
  • Machine shown as a capacity of 150 tonne (300,000lbs)
  • Can also be supplied as a horizontal machine and to any capacity up to 2000 tonnes (4000,000 lbs)