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horizontal tensile test machine

Horizontal Tensile Test Machine

All AJT test machines are designed and manufactured to customer specification to enable them to comply with any standards they need to achieve. Operator use and safety are always at the forefront of any AJT design, ensuring our compliance with the relevant machinery directives and standards.

The machine can be supplied with either manual or hydraulically operated safety covers, which encorporate coded magnet interlock switches. This ensures the machine is in a safe condition when the operators are setting up the machine for testing.

The Horizontal Tensile Test Machine model has proven to be the most popular design for our customers. It offers the facility to proof load, destruction test and long life cyclic testing of samples within a multitude of industries. Utilising a modular construction the machine can be made to any length required and extended at a later date if required. A rolling carriage is included to give the advantage of multiple test lengths along the entire machine length.

The operator control system can be either simple manual, PLC or fully PC controlled, each having the option of additional data capture for verification/certification of your product.

All AJT test machines are fitted with our own in house manufactured load cell mounted at the pulling clevis, featuring a multi bridge strain guage, temperature compensation and close zero balance calibrated in accordance with ISO 7500-1:2004.

AJT have supplied machines of this type with capacities ranging from 5 Tonnes (11,000 Lbs) up to 2000 Tonnes (4,400,000 Lbs) force.

Our Machine
  • Manual or hydraulically operated safety covers.
  • Made to any length required and extendable at a later date.
  • Rolling carriage included.
  • Manual, PLC or fully PC controlled.
Load Cell
  • Multi bridge strain gauge
  • Temperature compensation.
  • Close zero balance.