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Dynamic Block Test Machine

The dynamic block test machine designed and manufactured for the testing of manual chain hoists, Tirfors and pull lifts in a dynamic tension mode. This machine is widely used during the examinations of lifting equipment set out in the LOLER regulations. By using a hydraulic power unit instead of large dead weights we have been able to reduce the footprint and increase the safety of the machine.

The hydraulics can be set to apply a specified load from 0 to 10 Tonnes and once inserted the hoist can then be worked through its inspection checking slip and can also be adapted to include light load testing.

The machine includes operator guarding and coded magnet interlocks, load is taken from an AJT manufactured wireless load cell mounted at the pulling clevis, featuring a multi bridge strain guage, temperature compensation and close zero balance calibrated in accordance with ISO 7500-1:2004.

This unit has the option of additional data capture for verification/certification of your products.

  • Reduced footprint and increased safety
  • Can be adapted for light load testing
  • Operator guarding and coded magnet interlocks included
  • Additional data capture option
  • Wireless load cell included
Dynamic block test machine