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Tensile Test Machine Supplier,  AJT Equipment has recently won its second  Manufacturing Achievement Award  at the 2015 Made in the Midlands Awards.

Tensile Test Machine

The sixth annual proceedings of the Made in the Midlands Awards took place on 29th October, 2015 at the IET Birmingham: Austin Court to recognise the outstanding achievement of the manufacturing heroes in the Midlands.

This year’s award ceremony was presented by Professor Kevin Morley, who is renowned for being the former Managing Director of the Rover Car Group.

Morley produced some incredible anecdotes for the audience to help inspire all of the local manufacturers in attendance. Morley said: “If everybody in this industry from the top to the bottom took a vow of excellence within their company they would be successful and they couldn’t fail.”

The award is added to a string of success for the company after receiving multiple merits during past years for the development and professionalism of its people and company.

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