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Load Cell Calibration Services

Load cell calibration services: Load cells obviously have to be accurate – love it or loath it that means that every year that load cell will need calibration.  If you can be certain of sending a loadcell for calibration and getting it back again quickly, this will save you the ‘down-time’ on a critical piece of equipment

Even before AJT started manufacturing loadcells, we offered a calibration service, in recognising that it can be frustrating in being able to get equipment re-certified quickly and we all like a fast turnaround – even more so now that Amazon offer Prime on items on their website!

Now of course, not all calibration service is the same, if it was, there would be nothing to choose between one and another, so AJT pride themselves on ensuring that an ISO 9001 Quality Procedure is followed for all loadcell calibration.  This ensures that every load cell is calibrated to the same routine to ensure its accuracy and that’s what counts

Any measuring equipment is only useful if it is accurate and a load cell is a safety critical device, since it will tell you the weight of what is hanging from it and presumably you are weighing it because it is important

Normally, calibrations ensure loadcell accuracy to within ±1% of the Applied Load, that means that a load of 1 Tonne could be inaccurate to no more that 10kg either over or under    not bad on 1000kg.  However, look more closely at the Calibration Readings shown with or on your Calibration Certificate and you will see exactly how accurate your Loadcell is across the range of the calibration test

You should be receiving these readings with your Calibration Certificate, since they demonstrate what has been measured.   If your current calibration service does not routinely send these, perhaps it is time to look an alternative

AJT Equipment turn around load cell calibrations normally in 3 Days, that is including the day it arrived and the day we sent it back to you – that only leaves a day in between – and we find that this is fast for most calibration services.  If we can do it ‘same day’ for you, you can have it and there is no additional charge.

For more information on our Load Cell Calibration services, call us now.

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