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Bend Testing Machine

Bend Testing Machine: With such a wide variety of Testing Equipment that is manufactured, there are some that appear to be commissioned fairly regularly and by that, in our world that may be every few years

Bend Testing Machines are one of those pieces of equipment that seems always to have a demand – sometimes for what we can all see are very conventional tests, such as how does this material flex when it is bent (a bit like the current Samsung Mobile Phone advert on TV if you have seen that one)

That would be a simple flexibility of bending test where pressure is applied in one direction and then released.  Understandably, you may wish to have repeatable testing, where you apply the pressure and release and repeat over and over.  This tends to be used in determining the overall likely durability of materials, since it allows the likely normal wear and tear to be created in a shorter space of time

So, although this type of bend testing is really quite common, sometimes there are unconventional applications that would not always have thought about.  One of those that we have seen at AJT on a number of orders is for cyclic bend testing of materials such as pipe and duct work

As the name suggests, Cyclic Testing is repeating a set pattern of testing on a cycle.  The main difference to simply repeatable testing is that the process normally has a more dramatic variation of movement in the test.  A good example was for pipelines used at sea, since the oceans have lots of movement, it makes sense to ensure that tests of any pipework and their fittings are likely to be durable in use

This style of Bend Testing Machine then is perhaps not an everyday build, since as you can foresee there are large forces that need accurate control and lots of Data Logging to be captured, hence why it is not a simple piece of equipment to manufacture successfully

You have to have the correct type of hydraulic controls for ensuring that each movement is safe and repeatable accurately over many days if not weeks to ensure that a single test can provide a simulation of the real world conditions

As ever, feel free to get in touch if you need to bend test or cycle loads onto any of your materials or products there may be an easy solution that we have employed before, whether this is a ‘table top’ style laboratory test machine or something far larger that will fill a large industrial unit.

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