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AJT Equipment would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!  AJT Equipment

2017 looks like it is going to be an interesting one for everyone at AJT. January is normally a very busy time for us and this year is no different, since we have two Tensile Testing Machines to complete along with some refurbishment on a couple of used test equipment.

It is not always that well known that at AJT Equipment,we can supply used, refurbished and updated test equipment. Obviously, we never know exactly what we may have available, it is not like being able to specify a new piece of testing equipment, however there is always a very strong demand for these pieces of equipment.
Used equipment can vary hugely, we have seen it all at AJT, yet there is normally something very robust (often built by ourselves many decades ago) that simply needs checking, servicing and re-calibrating.

Of course at times there are cylinders, rods and seals that need to be refurbished, but again we are always happy to arrange this, since we have all the necessary expertise to sort this on any refurbishment of a test machine.
If a used piece of equipment would be something that would be useful for you, particularly when it comes to a tighter budget, bear in mind that you need to let us know! We are always happy to add you to our prospective buyer list for the type of equipment that you are looking for.
As these are pre-loved pieces, we cannot guarantee exactly ‘when’ we can source exactly what you need. However we do promise to always do our best and keep you informed as soon as we know of anything that might be suitable. We can also send you photos and dimensions, just so that you can be certain that it will fit into your site.

As an added extra, we can add modern options too, like Data Logging for a Laptop, so that even the oldest test machines can provide modern reporting. Let’s face it, pretty much everyone likes to see a ‘real-time’ Data Log Graph to go with any Test Certification these days. Even if your customers have no need of this, it is a great record for you to keep for your business, demonstrating the results of any testing that you complete.

So get in touch with us if there is something that AJT Equipment might be able to source for you, we get offers of equipment most months, so you might be surprised as to how quickly we could have the right second-hand Testing Equipment available for you!

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